Lockdown diary



In a dramatic situation like the present one in which the word “contagion” echoes like a threat, we at BMSB have thought of reclaiming and proposing this word in a different way by using a famous phrase by Albert Einstein: Creativity is contagious: transmit it!

Our students, led with enthusiasm and professionalism by Ms Kaye, have produced various creative works as part of the weekly “Music and Drama” workshop.

Some of them, in a short video, have shown passions and talents, others have written a poem, some have chosen the scene of a film or a song and have reproduced it in their homes, using the tools or objects available.

Also, on this occasion our students got involved and “infected” us with their enthusiasm, with sincere creativity and with their typical desire to live, even more so today.

This column also collects other works made during this long lockdown period of: drawings, research, themes …

Thanks to everybody who gave us a magical moment reminding us that distances can be bridged with the heart and with a smile.

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Classi seconde – Paesaggi

Classi seconde – Prospettive infinite

Classi terze – Linguaggio delle avanguardie

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