The services offered

In the interests of a complete assistance to families and students, BMSB offers a wide range of services such as:

  • Early morning care service

    To support families with logistical- organizational problems –  the school welcomes students from 7.30 am  ensuring supervision with its own personnel until the start of classes.

  • DSA specialist

    BMSB uses a specific learning disorder specialist. If any student  displays any  forms of dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia a personalized programme will be set up to provide  compensatory assistance. This school support will enable the student to deal serenely with his scholastic course of study with success.

  • Electronic register

    Through this service BMSB provides parents with a continuous updated stream of information relating to their child’s school progress ; Marks, absences and notices will be regularly sent thanks to the presence of a platform accessible via Internet.

  • Homework Online

    For greater transparency and awareness of the homework load of each student, the daily homework given to students  is  available on Internet.

  • SMS Service

    The secretary, through this service ensures sending an SMS to  parents’  mobile phone , so that they know in “real time ” any absence from school or receive quickly any notices of special importance.

  • Coaching

    The presence of a specialist in coaching is provided , able to support students who have difficulties in learning or in organizing their studies ; through this coaching the student will be made aware of  his potential and which strategies to use to achieve academic success.

 Added to the above, are some services “ON DEMAND” that can be activated directly from a page accessible using a personal password:

  • Canteen Service

    The student can use the canteen  if he intends to take part in afternoon activities or simply prefers to take advantage of this service.

  • Uniforms

    To enable families to independently manage the purchase of uniforms to be used during school activities. Uniforms can be ordered, based on the  size and model deemed most suitable.

  • Book Service

    The school offers families a reservation book service; BMSB will purchase school textbooks in order to avoid queues or disorganization connected to the availability of  books by bookshops.