The teaching staff

The BMSB teaching staff is made up of highly qualified and experienced teachers, who share a strong motivation and enthusiasm for this project. The characteristic of this team it that  it has already worked together and therefore has all the features to ensure an approach that considers the whole student.

Prof.ssa Gloria Borsetto


  • Italiano
  • Storia
  • Geografia

Prof. Paolo Scarpat


  • Matematica
  • Scienze

Prof. Andrea Botti


  • Arte e Immagine
  • Tecnologia

Prof. Stephen Nicol


  • Scienze Motorie

Prof.ssa Eileen Smith


  • Conversazione Inglese

Prof.ssa Maria Vaccaro

  • Spagnolo

Prof. Marco Tiraboschi

  • Musica

Prof.ssa Lucia Comparcini

  • Scienze

Prof.ssa Silvia Dianti

  • Inglese

Prof.ssa Renata Berardi

  • Italiano
  • Storia
  • Geografia

Prof.ssa Katie Dickson

  • Madrelingua Inglese