B.M.S.B. – Bilingual Middle School of Brescia

Welcome to the bilingual school of Brescia

The partnership between the Marco Polo Institute and Little England Bilingual School has given birth to Brescia’s first state bilingual school with the ambitious goal of ensuring a path in perfect harmony with the objectives of the two founding schools – excellence in internationalism, sport, music and art and a special focus on the well being of our students.
In a serene, stimulating and creative environment BMSB offers an innovative curriculum that embraces the best teaching methods and provides for the individual educational needs of each student.

Thanks to a bilingual approach, 33% of the subjects such as Art, Music, Technology and Physical Education are offered in English. In order to support those students who desire to strengthen their skills in these particular areas BMSB also offers additional afternoon modules.ἀe objective of the Bilingual Middle School of Brescia is to provide a solid foundation for students to face their future course of study both in Italy and abroad.BMSB offers a friendly learning environment based on reciprocal respect and tollerance between students, staff and their parents. Our beautiful school grounds and excellent facilities, our rich programme of after-school activities, the skilled and caring staff and innovative didactic programme lead to an exceptional start in life.